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Get a New HVAC System During Renovation

The square footage of your functional area determines your heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements. If you modify the layout, usage, occupancy, or even the materials used to remodel your space, your HVAC system must also adapt. Renovation…
Napoleon Condo Pack hero

Napoleon Condo Pack Thru-wall Self Contained Units

The new Napoleon Condo Pack is the replacement unit for the MagicPak. Napoleon's Condo Pack is the most effective solution for traditional through wall installation applications, featuring an all indoor design for a clean exterior look. Ideal…
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Most Common Types of Residential Heating Systems

Furnaces The majority of Canadian households rely on a central furnace to heat their homes. A furnace operates by forcing heated air via ducts, which distribute the warm air to rooms around the home via air vents or grills. This kind of heating…
Canada Greener Homes Grant: Up To $5600
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Canada Greener Homes Grant: Up To $5600

Saving energy, saving money Buildings, notably our houses, are responsible for 18% of Canada's greenhouse gas emissions. We wish to help Canadians in making their homes more energy efficient. This implies that homes will be more pleasant and…
Accredited Bosch Contractor
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Accredited Bosch Contractor Program (ABC)

Grow Your Business with Bosch At Bosch Heating and Cooling, we are committed to supporting our Accredited Bosch Contractors by providing tools to manage and grow your business, allowing you to focus on what matters; providing your customers…
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Central Air Conditioning Or Ductless Mini Split?

The answer will be determined by your specific situation. We'll make it simple for you to make your own decision: Central Air Conditioning Or Ductless Mini Split? A ductless or mini split air conditioning system works similarly to a central…
Save money with furnaces

How to save money on residential furnaces?

Heating accounts for 61% of your home's energy use and offers the greatest opportunity for cost savings. Residential furnaces with ENERGY STAR Most Efficient label will save you even more money on your utility bills. Saving energy helps you…
Two stage furnace

What is a 2 stage furnace?

What is a 2 stage furnace? A two-stage furnace has two levels of heat output. The higher stage operates on the colder days of winter, while the lower stage operates on milder days, which meets about 80% of your heating needs. Two stage units…
Continental furnaces

When it’s time for furnace replacement

Your gas furnace is your best friend who takes care of you during the long Canadian winters, it will heat your home. Unfortunately, this friendship is costly, as heating and cooling account for more than 60% of your household electricity usage.…