Napoleon Condo Pack Thru-wall Self Contained Units

Napoleon Condo Pack hero

The new Napoleon Condo Pack is the replacement unit for the MagicPak. Napoleon’s Condo Pack is the most effective solution for traditional through wall installation applications, featuring an all indoor design for a clean exterior look. Ideal for low and high-rise residential applications, as well as institutional and industrial installations.

Napoleon’s Condo Pack has a streamlined design and is an aesthetically pleasing solution for your unique architectural needs. By removing exterior equipment and refrigerant connections from your application, your next installation will benefit with the added protection from extreme climate conditions and unforeseen damage. The dual sliding chassis, which is pre-wired and pre-charged, offers simple installation and maintenance of both heating and cooling units.

For your peace of mind, our industry leading quality control procedure guarantees years of trouble-free use.

The exterior louvers of the Condo Pack units can be seamlessly integrated into building’s façade for an aesthetically pleasing finish. The exterior Architectural Louvers are available in 15 different colours. If it wouldn’t be enough to blend in with the building’s front, Mill Finish is available for custom painting.

Low and high rise condominium and apartment buildings with a unique design require unique heating systems and cooling solutions with a small footprint at high energy efficiency.

The Canadian made Napoleon Condo Pack is the perfect replacement unit for the older Magic Pack units the Napoleon replacement units are easy to install and provide economic solutions for all seasons.

The most important benefit that Condo Packs offer is the modular and compact design of the system. There’s no need to install refrigerant line sets. Similarly to the MagicPack self-contained units, Condo Packs are pre-wired and pre-charged.

They include isolation grommets, electrical junction boxes, drain pans, and gas nipples which can save time and cost during the installation of the air conditioning system. For a Magic Pak HVAC system all these accessories must be purchased separately.

The equipment is fully accessible for maintenance from the inside. If the units need to be replaced, all we need to do is to pull the whole unit out from the wall and replace it with another out of the box Condo Pack equipment.

As the units are located within individual condominiums or apartments, residents are free so set the unit to their comfort needs without relying on a huge central condensing unit. In the case of maintenance, only the individual unit is affected, giving peace of mind for other tenants and residents in other living units within the building without any down time.

By installing new Condo Packs or replacing Magic-Pak units, the Napoleon Condo Pack system can free up the rooftop of the building making place for future additions, such as communal green spaces and lounges with various high-value amenities.

Condo Pack HVAC technologies enable up to 96.8 percent AFUE thermal efficiency and up to 12 SEER thanks to the high performance compressors. Napoleon offers High Efficiency gas heating modules, as well as Electric heating and a pass-through duct for cooling-only air conditioner installations.

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