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Get a New HVAC System During Renovation

The square footage of your functional area determines your heating, cooling, and ventilation requirements. If you modify the layout, usage, occupancy, or even the materials used to remodel your space, your HVAC system must also adapt. Renovation…

Benefits of Clean Air You Probably Didn’t Know About

Most people are already aware that installing a household air purifier to really help clean up the air in their homes can help to avoid allergies and minimize people's exposure to hazardous chemicals that can cause or worsen upper respiratory…

WhisperAir Repair Ceiling Mounted Air Purification

Advanced air purification and odour elimination We spend most of our lives indoors, up to 90%. Inside a modern energy efficient airtight building pollutants can accumulate. This can make your home’s indoor air quality (IAQ) two to five times…
Indoor Air Quality

How to improve indoor ventilation and air quality

When we breathe, we might release infectious particles into the air. These particles build up faster in small indoor spaces and surfaces. Indoor air quality is more important than ever. Natural and mechanical ventilation helps to reduce levels…
Panasonic nanoe X

Panasonic nanoe X technology

The development of nanoe X began with Panasonic back in 2001. “Nanoes” are nano sized (one billionth of a metre) electrostatic atomized water particles. They are created by applying high voltage to the water found in air moisture. nanoe™…