Two stage furnace

What is a 2 stage furnace?

What is a 2 stage furnace? A two-stage furnace has two levels of heat output. The higher stage operates on the colder days of winter, while the lower stage operates on milder days, which meets about 80% of your heating needs. Two stage units…
Continental furnaces

When it’s time for furnace replacement

Your gas furnace is your best friend who takes care of you during the long Canadian winters, it will heat your home. Unfortunately, this friendship is costly, as heating and cooling account for more than 60% of your household electricity usage.…
Panasonic nanoe X

Panasonic nanoe X technology

The development of nanoe X began with Panasonic back in 2001. “Nanoes” are nano sized (one billionth of a metre) electrostatic atomized water particles. They are created by applying high voltage to the water found in air moisture. nanoe™…